This seems to be a Dr Carl Calleman time because this post is also on one of the aspects of our new world that he speaks a lot about – Unity consciousness versus Duality consciousness.

But the theory of unity versus duality is not at all exclusive to Calleman.  Many, if not all, spiritual teachers speak, in one way or another, about the importance of a unity consciousness in our new world era.

Even so, I’m often asked what is actually meant by a unity consciousness.  After all, if it is so important that so many people speak about it; then it’s important to understand what it means.

We all know that we live in a world of duality – night and day, male and female, love and fear, yin and yang, and so on.  And it has been said to me, if we live in a world of unity then does that mean that we won’t have day and night and so on.

Obviously unless you move to one of the Arctic regions then day and night will still occur just as it always has.  However, over the years culturally we’ve been taught that one half of the duality is better than the other.   For example, that day is better than night.  At night evil happens but the day is good and pure.  That is probably because night is dark and day is light and light is always meant to be better than the dark – as in the Dark Knight, or Dark forces.   And for millennia women have been thought to be inferior to men.  The greatest numbers of wars in history have been fought, and are still being fought today, over one religion being better than another.

Our unity consciousness is seeing, understanding, and accepting that no one person, religion, or anything else is better or worse than another.  And that goes for the non-human world too.  Human-animals are not better than any other animal.  We are just different.  A man is not better than a woman or vice versa – they are just different.  Day is not better than night – it’s just different and so you normally do different things.

Any person who thinks that they hold all the cards and the way they think and act is THE right way – is normally a long way off the mark.  They also are more than likely to have an ego/confidence problem and definitely a low vibration of consciousness too.

Before exploring this concept in much greater depth I should add that that wonderful man, Walter Russell, who was an author, artist, visionary, philosopher, and so many other descriptors, focuses his main work of Cosmic Consciousness on unity consciousness.  He looks at duality and unity consciousness in the following way.  Every duality is part of a single system.  So man and woman are two halves of the single system of the human.  Night and Day are two halves of the single system of our 24 hour period.  Non-human animals and human animals are just part of the single system of perhaps sentient beings.

I shall write a lot more about the philosophies of Walter Russell on another occassion.  Meanwhile, the basic conscept is still the same, that both halves are of equal value and both are necessary to complete the whole.

External Duality Consciousness

It’s been very interesting watching the so-called Arab unrest.  There have been all sorts of dualities at play there.  Initially it was oppressor versus oppressed.  This was the case in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

Then we have the Ivory Coast situation which has now been resolved – well kinda.  A democratic election was held last November.  It was supervised by the United Nations.  Everyone agreed that it was a very fair and just election.  EXCEPT that as far as the incumbent, President Laurent Gbagbo was concerned, the wrong party won the majority of the votes.  And so Gbagbo clung on for all he was worth refusing to accept the will of the people that he was no longer wanted until he was finally, and recently, removed in a very humiliating manner.

But here is where it gets interesting.  It was not only Gbagbo who was hanging on, but all his supporters – 46% of them – were also fighting against the change and unwilling to accept the fair and democratic result.  Why?  Because (former) President Gbagbo is a Christian and so are his followers; and yet the new and internationally recognized President, Alassane Ouattara is a Muslim as are his followers.  So this was, in essence, yet another religious fight.

In Nigeria, again there is currently violence with the Christians in the south of the country battling Muslims in the north.

Then we come to the unrest in the Arab countries of Syria, and Bahrain.  Surely this should be OK because they are virtually all Muslims.  Oh but no.  Not only do we have the oppressed versus the oppressor duality; but we also have the religious difference of the Sunni versus the Shiite Muslims.

If you go to the following website – http://www.religioustolerance.org/curr_war.htm (opens in a new window) you’ll see a list of 26 countries where religious wars are currently being fought or have recently been fought.  All due to low consciousness duality thinking and attitudes.

Duality consciousness, such as these, must end one way or another as we move into our new, higher levels of global consciousness.  Indeed we will never be able to elevate our consciousness whilst we firmly hold onto duality beliefs that A is good and B is bad – to put it in black and white terms :-).

At this point you could well ask, but what about the criminals in the world, or greedy and corrupt politicians, or someone in your town who hurts a child or an animal?  How can I treat them as an equal?

It’s true that there will always be people in the/our world who perform unconscionable acts and so that’s a very valid question which has several perspectives to consider, in no particular order.

First, your less than positive feeling towards those who perform unethical acts are not, or should not, be born out of a dualistic consciousness that says you are bad and do the bad things BECAUSE you are a different colour to me, or a different religion, or have different beliefs.  In the example above you should only be ‘judging” (I’ll come back to judging in a minute), based on societies norms, that their actions are anti-social.

Next, if you find yourself getting highly emotionally charged over their actions – this also should be a warning sign to be investigated.  Now it could be quite natural to be highly emotionally charged if the anti-social action has been done to you or is particularly heinous.  But again it’s the anti-social, unethical action that you are disturbed about, not that the person is different to you or has different fundamental beliefs to you.

We live in a world of diversity and it’s important that we do.  In nature, the greater the ecological diversity, the stronger, more vibrant, and more resilient the environment will be.  In nature, a monoculture will soon mark the end of that particular environment.  We all know what happens with in-breeding, in all entities.

Finally, regarding the point about “judging” if someone’s actions are appropriate or not.

A great many “New Age” speakers say that it is not our place to judge any one.  Abraham/Esther Hicks says that whatever someone does is none of our business, no matter who they hurt or what they do.  Her/His argument is that they have a road that they must follow to gain a certain learning experience and it is not up to us to hinder that life-path.  And as far as the person that they might have hurt is concerned; they say that they too have a life-path and part of that life-path obviously includes being hurt or abused.

Now the ethicist in me says – “WOE – No Way”.

As the philosopher Edmund Burke is alleged, although often disputed, to have said: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men [and women] to do nothing.”

If someone wants to live in a cave somewhere and not interact with any other living entity then sure they can do what they want to do.  But not interacting with any other living entity would be highly unlikely, if not impossible.


That is why the concept of ethics came to be.

In its simplest form, ethics is about working out how we should all live our lives to be fair and just to all the other humans, and non-humans too, that we have to interact with.  These are moral guidelines which are not necessarily the same as the laws of the land.  Government laws have been formed by politicians of some form and are often not necessarily for the good of all.  There are many laws in many countries that are not at all ethical.  And that includes democratic Western countries like Australia and the United States.

So if someone who lives next to me lives their life in an unethical manner, which affects me, then I can certainly “judge” them on that.  HOWEVER, and here is the big caveat – if I am to judge any action at all then I must be very honest with myself and very pure in my motives.  I’m sure you know the old saying: “When I point my finger at someone there are three other fingers pointing back at me”.  And most of the time, the things we find most objectionable in others are the very things we dislike most about ourselves – usually at a non-conscious level.

It takes a great deal of very honest reflection to ensure that our motives are pure.

But to say that we must stand by and watch another being hurt or abused because it is the life- path for both the victim and the perpetrator, is actually considered a very unethical act, and in some cases illegal too.

Internal Duality Consciousness

Duality consciousness is not only about our views regarding someone we consider different to us.  Just as frequently, if not more frequently, we have internal duality consciousness going on.  I recently shared with you my own very destructive internal duality consciousness of the material path versus the spiritual path in my “Spiritual Journey” story.

Internal duality consciousness can take many forms.  I know of someone at the moment who is struggling with the duality of living in a region he loves where his health is good, versus moving to another country he dislikes where he experiences very poor health, just to be with his wife whom he loves.  The dilemma is that his wife’s situation is the exact opposite to his.

You could have the internal duality consciousness going on where you are in a job you hate but are too afraid to leave because at least it offers a regular salary.  Or you are in a relationship, or living arrangement you don’t like, but for some reason can’t bring yourself to change the situation.  An egocentric duality consciousness might be saying ‘I’ll never be happy until I can own a house that is bigger and better than the one my best mate owns’ – that is really emanating from low harmonic vibrations.

The list of possible forms of internal duality consciousness is endless and all too often people are suffering.

Unity or Single Consciousness is Essential

The very foundation for elevating our consciousness is to raise our harmonic vibrations.  And to do that it is essential to let go of our duality consciousness and move to a unity consciousness.

Stop for a moment and really think about this next sentence.

When we let go of our duality consciousness and move to a unity consciousness not only are we significantly raising our spiritual vibration, but we are then able to live in peace.

Obviously, if we have a duality consciousness about anything at all, it will cause mental conflict and anguish; whether it is an external duality or an internal duality.  And most people have duality thinking about dozens of different things happening all at the same time.  WOW – it’s no wonder that mental health professionals are in such high demand.

So you might like to make a list of the areas of duality that are going on in your current thinking.  And keep reflecting on them until you can work out a way to turn those dualities into unity thinking.  This is where the http://www.bubbl.us/ map I mentioned in Part 3 of my spiritual journey can come in very handy.

As always, I’d love to read your feedback and comments.



1 Stacy Welch March 15, 2015 at 5:55 pm

March 15, 2015: Your website appeared in my Google search on duality versus unity consciousness. I relate to much of your truths you write in your article, Duality vs Unity Consciousness. The rest has left me shaking my head in acknowledgement that I somewhat believe the same as well (and quite easily be convinced I do). I look forward to reading the rest of the articles on this website. I intuitively feel that the information I have read thus far along with the topics I see to the left are relevant to giving me the words and meaning to a knowing I have had for quite some time and use for the purpose of serving as a facilitator of change. I appreciate that you chose to share your perspective. Thanks, again. Stacy Welch, USA

2 MeditativeWriter August 4, 2015 at 9:27 pm

You raise really important matters here and i think it deserves to comment on them.. what you describe makes sense, undoubtedly but i would like to underline the danger of turning a truth/fact to a new ideology, which is essentially duality…

The theory of unity is not unity, the idea of wholeness is not actual wholeness.. we need to be extremely careful, we need to let our … verbalism, our intellect dissolve!

3 MeditativeWriter August 4, 2015 at 9:29 pm

What i want to say, to make it more obvious is that the word is not the thing.. we may play with words, we may describe intellectualy the destructive effect of duality and the urgency for unity but if we don’t fully grasp what lies behind the words, if we don’t perceive that the word is not the thing we will inevitably create a new ideology which in nature dualistic.. hopefully what i say conveys something

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