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Eclipse 2012:  When the Sunlight is Gone and No Songbirds Are Singing

A Solar Eclipse in Australia, 14th November 2012

by Richard Giles


Australia is to experience a total solar eclipse of the Sun in mid November and it will be our first major experience of a solar eclipse since 1976 when the path of an eclipse went right through Victoria.  There was previously a more recent eclipse but it was only the last minutes of the solar eclipse where the shadow came through Ceduna, South Australia, late in the afternoon. The November 2012 total solar eclipse begins in Australia on the morning of November 14th – this eclipse predates the December 21st, 2012 Mayan Calendar date by just 5 and 1/2 weeks.

The shadow begins near Darwin early on the morning of Wednesday 14th and moves across northern Australia to pass through the towns of Atherton, Mt Molloy and Pt Douglas (N.Qld) that morning peaking at about 6.38 am. Its exact time of maximum total shadow is 22.13 hrs (UT). The degree of totality in the western astrological zodiac is at 22 degrees Scorpio.

This eclipse then is the first where the shadow of totality crosses the Australian mainland since the Ceduna eclipse of December 2002.


Eclipses and History

Eclipses have been a major factor in mankind’s understanding of the heavens over the centuries as the astronomers and astrologers (who were the same thing back until the 18th century) predicted events in human society that would induce huge changes in the ensuing months after the eclipse.


As you can see from the explanations below, the Moon passing across the face of the Sun or the Earth’s shadow passing over the full Moon give us the eclipse phenomena. This happens because the disc of the Moon is almost exactly the same diameter visually as the disc of the Sun even though they are millions of kilometers apart. We just happen to have the Moon positioned at such a distance from the Earth that the disc visuals coincide and give us complete total eclipses.


English author David Ovason wrote a fascinating book on eclipses and in it explains with astrology charts the effects eclipses have on human history and quotes dozens of famous historical individuals and their lives with eclipse turning points to illustrate his contention. The book is called ‘The Book of Eclipse’ (publ. Random House, 1999). He says in the early chapters, “The real experience of the eclipse is that we stare into the temporary shadow of the Earth or the Moon – into a shadow which is made possible only by the pyrotechnics of the Sun. The absence of light is one thing; the coldness, the silence and the unaccustomed view of the stars in the middle of the day, is another.”


Mediaeval observers used to say that during the moments as the eclipse became total, “birds would suddenly drop in feare from the sky”. This extraordinary experience of loosing the Sun, the bringer of life, in the middle of the day gives the eclipse its magical and mysterious feeling. It can only be felt by being directly in the path of a total solar eclipse. In Australia we have witnessed just 4 of these between 1905 and 2002. There may be some of you reading this article who experienced the 1976 one in Melbourne when younger.


With this eclipse, totality will be visible from northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean.  When seen from west of the International Date Line, e.g., from Cairns, the eclipse will take place on the morning of November 14. The greatest time of the eclipse, of duration 4 min 2 sec, will occur east of the International Date Line on November 13, approximately 2000 km east of New Zealand.



What are a Solar eclipse and a Lunar eclipse?

A Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth, cutting off the light of the Sun. A solar eclipse is always a new moon and in astrology tends to mark new beginnings.


A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the moon. A lunar eclipse is always a full Moon and usually marks endings or culmination points. They bring up memories, dreams, and emotions, so they often pack a big punch.


An eclipse of the Sun will more likely focus you on a prominent male in your life (father, husband, boss, or other key man). An eclipse of the Moon will centre more on the prominent women in your life (mother, wife, or female boss, for instance). This is not always the case, but you will find this will be a good rule of thumb.



Astrological Timing of the Effects of Eclipses

Astrologers look at the impact of an eclipse  on a personal or national chart and use this formula. The duration of the solar eclipse in hours from the first moment to finish indicates the number of years the effects will be felt, e.g., total duration of an eclipse = 4 hours and 10 minutes, therefore the effects would last just over 4 years. The eclipse degree will also remain sensitive for just over 4 years.


An alternative system – the duration of the Solar eclipse’s totality in minutes indicates the number of years it will have an effect, e.g., a totality of 3 and a half minutes = 3 and half years duration.


The six month rule – the eclipse degree is active for six months until the next eclipse in the new series, especially for Solar eclipses. The first three months after the eclipse are the strongest for effects, when the Sun has moved 90 degrees (a quarter turn in the zodiac) from the eclipse position.



Meanings for Eclipses – How to Interpret Them:

*  they bring sudden or unexpected events

*  expose problems you didn’t know about

*  the planet under stress in your chart is literally ‘eclipsed’ by the Sun or Moon

*  the house in which the eclipse falls is a key to the changes

*  they can make big changes in the area of life shown by house position.



Susan Miller’s 8 Main Points to Consider when Dealing with Eclipses.

This came from a longer article that Susan Miller wrote on the effects of eclipses. Here I’ve summarised only a few of the points she made and reduced them down to eight of the more important. For more information go to her web site.


1.  Eclipses are dramatic “wild cards” in our horoscopes that we don’t see coming. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, very rapidly. They will provide whatever we need to get moving – a competitor, a rival or critic, a benefactor, funding, or some other force – that get us to think, decide, or change.

2.  Eclipses work from the outside in. In that I mean that an outside event that has nothing to do with you, and over which you have no control, will often act in a way that affects your life in a powerful, direct, and lasting way. The outside force can be a small, casual event or comment – it need not be a big – but yet it can have monumental influence on our life anyway.

3.  Eclipses bring news of big life events that you long remember. You may sell a house or buy one, or start a new business or close one. You may get a major promotion or a new client, or be given enviable publicity, or be downsized. You may meet someone new to date, or get engaged. Or, on the other hand, an eclipse may “eclipse out” someone from your life, as is the case in a break-up or divorce. Often at eclipse time, we are very aware of the passage of time, and that can make us a bit wistful even when the news is very happy.

4. Keep your eye on your health at eclipse time, and doubly so if the eclipse is near your birthday, is in your birth sign, or is six months away from your sign (i.e., opposite). If you need to address a health or dental issue, get advice and help so that you can get back to feeling tip top again soon!

5.  You may feel like you are walking across a bridge to a new land at eclipse time. You are – with no ability to go back to the place you started. In that sense, after you start moving toward the new situation (by enforced changes or by your own volition), the bridge will collapse – there will be no way back. While you can’t go back to the good old days, you wouldn’t want to. You are ready for more. The universe wants us to embrace all that is new, not go back to what is tried and true.

6.  Eclipses can help you do things you never thought you could do, overcome fears, and show yes, you CAN do it!

7.  If an eclipse falls on your birthday, the year that follows certainly will be quite eventful. One part of your life is surely due for massive change. You may experience a big change in lifestyle or in one specific part of your chart.  If an eclipse of the moon (a lunar eclipse) touches your birthday, it will be a year of endings, closure, and possibly, of fulfillment. Often a lunar eclipse creates changes within the family or home – you may move, see a roommate come or go, or in keeping with an eclipse’s ability to change family dynamics, a new baby may enter the picture, as a few examples.

8.  Eclipses always bring unexpected changes of direction, but only if you have the Sun, Moon, a planet, or other major point in your natal chart being touched by it. The eclipse does not have to fall in your sign to affect you, but it would have to be within a ten-degree orb of a major planet or point in your chart. (Some astrologers only use a five-degree orb, but my experience shows you have to allow a wider area of influence, up to ten degrees.)


Check her website on  – http://www.getastrology.com



Your Personal Planets

If you have a planet in your chart that is being touched by this eclipse in November you will experience changes that relate to the placement zodiac House of the planet. If you know the meaning of Houses you can work out some ideas as to its effects. If you don’t, you need to consult an astrologer about the placement and its meaning. As this eclipse takes place at 22 degrees Scorpio and if you have any planets close to that degree in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then you will be directly effected by it. If your birthday is mid month in those birth months (February, May, August, or November) then you are a candidate for being changed by the events of November 2012.


The other interesting observation that comes out of the date is that the birth chart for Australia has the Moon’s position being directly triggered by this eclipse. Australia was born on 1st January 1901 and as such we have a Capricorn Sun and the Moon in our chart is in Taurus, another Earth sign, and our Ascendant is in Aries, the ram. Going back in history we note that Australia’s first successful rural industry was wool from the sheep’s back. The country was built on it as the saying goes (Australia rode on the sheep’s back). And the image of the male Merino ram was on all the woollen clothes, our older coins and most wool packing labels. That ram, of course, is representative of the sign Aries and with the curled horns on its head, gives the Taurean bull-like look to it.


Since the eclipse happens right opposite our earthy Taurus Moon (which is our emotional identity with the land and our collective sentiments about ourselves as a nation) then we can expect, following all the ideas I’ve put forward earlier, that this eclipse is going to trigger our feelings about our national identity in a very big way. Taurus also looks after food, water and sustainable items for us humans. What may come out of it is the issue of foreign ownership of our land and our productive farms and agricultural land. Selling off the land and farms to overseas companies may become a huge issue in 2013, as its already beginning to be now.


In the Australian chart the Moon is in the First House of personality and the eclipse is in the Seventh House of friends and enemies. So its not hard to see that we may either love or hate land purchasing foreigners even more strongly next year. The issue of refugees is also huge now. The national sentiments about “queue jumpers” and letting boat people into our country divides the nation and the parliament.  2013 will see more of it.


Past Australian Solar Eclipses – 

These are where the totality shadow has passed through our mainland. We have had just four total solar eclipse shadows pass through Australia in the last 107 years. So it is a rare occurrence which makes this one all the more important to experience if you can. In Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast the eclipse will only be seen as a partial one and the full effect will not be felt or observed. If you have the opportunity to travel to north Queensland please do so to bathe in the shadow of the Moon on our landscape.  Meanwhile here are the dates, zodiac signs and surrounding events of the previous Australian total solar eclipses.


March 6, 1905 (Pisces)  – Dalgety selected as the first site for a Federal capital. The Wireless Telegraphy Act is passed by the Commonwealth Parliament to regulate experiments in wireless communication.  Introduction of world’s first surf lifesaving reel at Bondi Beach, NSW.  Sydney: First cinema opens.


Sept 21, 1922 (Virgo) –  End of the Billy Hughes Government.  Vegemite is invented by Cyril Callister.  First radio stations begin broadcasting in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Qld: First Qantas flight with regular service between Charleville and Cloncurry. Canberra 1923: Work begins on construction of Parliament House.


Oct 23, 1976  (Libra/Scorpio) –   Fraser Island is protected from destruction by sand miners when it is listed as Australia’s first item on the National Estate.  Cigarette and Tobacco advertising banned on Radio and TV.   Government Inquiry gives go ahead to the mining and export of uranium. Nov: The first Vietnamese boat people arrive on Australia’s northern shores.  Jan 18, 1977: 83 people die in Australia’s worst train disaster when a section of a bridge collapses on a train at Granville.


Dec 4, 2002 (Sagittarius)  –  Oct: Bali – around 190 people, including at least 85 Australians, are killed after a car bomb explodes outside a Kuta nightclub.   Dec 6; The Federal Govnt, in agreement with State Premiers, announces handgun buyback scheme.  Feb 14-16, 2003; Hundreds of thousands of people participate in peace rallies across the country in protest against likely Australian involvement in a war against Iraq.   Jan/Feb 2003;        Bushfires across ACT, Vic, NSW, SA & Tas destroy homes and livestock throughout January and into February. Hundreds of people evacuate alpine towns in Victoria and NSW. On Jan 18-21 bushfires in Canberra destroy more than 100 homes, mainly in the western suburbs, and most of the historic Mount Stromlo observatory and telescope.


Nov 14, 2012 (Scorpio) –  What Next?  What will we see in 2013 and the six months down the track after that eclipse?  We can await the outcome of November 2012 events with great interest.



There are a number of web sites on information, tours and accommodation. If you’re so inclined have a look.  Check here –


Travel:    http://www.markstravelnotes.com/travelogues/2012/total_eclipse/

Maps:      http://rses.anu.edu.au/~jcali/eclipses/PLANNING/TSE2012p/path.html

NASA Eclipse Page:    http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OH2012.html#SE2012Nov13T


David Ovason, ‘The Book of Eclipse’ (Random, 1999).  http://www.davidovason.co.uk/index.html



Richard Giles : 

Richard lives in SE Queensland at Crystal Waters community where he runs a Feng Shui, Geomancy and Astrology consultancy business. Check his website at http://www.RichardGiles.info and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/richgiles89. Richard lectures for local groups on the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  Contact him on (07) 5435.0158,  email:  ricgiles  [at] powerup.com.au  And change [at]  to @.



Addendum from Kashonia 

I have a couple more resources for you including the answer to one of the most asked questions about Solar Eclipses.  So we’ll start with that one.


Why does a solar eclipse move from west to east, while the sun moves from east to west?



The Moon orbits the Earth from west to east. If you want to verify this, watch Moonrise on successive nights and you’ll see that it rises later each day as the Earth’s rotation needs more time to ‘catch up’ with the Moon in its orbit.

The Moon’s orbital velocity is about 1 km/sec, so its shadow travels at that same velocity. While the Earth’s rotation also proceeds from west to east, the FASTEST motion generated by that rotation is at the equator and works out to less than .5 km/sec. So the Moon’s shadow moves eastward at a velocity greater than the Earth’s rotational velocity at any location or time, causing it to travel west to east across the Earth’s surface.

Answered by: Paul Walorski, B.A. Physics, Part-time Physics Instructor on http://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae88.cfm


Here is another answer to the same question, and although I think the above answer is a little easier to understand.  This site is well worth a good look as it has a lot of information and diagrams.

This answer can be found on http://www.hermit.org/eclipse/why_solar.html


It Goes The Wrong Way!

So much for how eclipses happen — but one question that often comes up is, why does the eclipse go from West to East, when the Sun and Moon go the other way?

Well, the movement of the Moon — from East to West — is, in fact, an illusion caused by the Earth’s rotation. As a matter of fact, the Moon orbits in the same direction that the Earth rotates; anticlockwise, as seen from above the North pole. But whereas the Earth takes just 24 hours to do one rotation, the Moon takes a month to go round the Earth (actually, the Moon takes 27.32 days to orbit the Earth).

In other words, if the Earth was sitting still, the Moon would cross the sky from West to East. It would take 14 days to cross from horizon to horizon, and another 14 days to come around into view again. But the Earth doesn’t sit still — it rotates, every 24 hours, which is significantly faster than this. It’s like if you’re driving a car and overtake a jogger, they seem to be going backwards relative to you; the Earth rotates faster than the Moon’s orbit, so the Moon seems to be going backwards, when it’s actually going the same way.

So what happens to “fix” things during an eclipse? Well, the Moon orbits the Earth once a month; but the distance that it travels in that month is a whopping 2,415,256km! This means that it’s moving really fast. By contrast, the Earth is a tiny 12,000km across; so for the Moon to cross in front of the Earth — for its shadow to cross the Earth — doesn’t take long at all; the Moon moves 12,000km in just 3 hours. (The exact time for the eclipse to cross the Earth depends on whether the Moon is crossing over the centre of the Earth or off-centre, and on what part of its elliptical orbit the Moon is in.) So the shadow zips across much faster than the Earth’s rotation, which makes its real direction apparent.

To put it another way, the Moon only has to cross a tiny part of the sky — a small fraction of its total orbit — for its shadow to cross the Earth completely. This means that for an eclipse, the Moon’s own “real” movement is the main cause of its movement; so the shadow goes West-to-East.

This last link is very basic, very simple, and very interesting giving some very fundamental explanations and diagrams re Eclipses.




Have the cosmic events affected your life as much as they have mine?

By Kashonia


Well it’s been quite some time since I wrote anything here as a lot has been happening in my world.

At this general time on our planet we are being influenced by a great many movements in the heavens hence the obvious growing pains with the global rise in consciousness.  And during this possible peak year of 2012, we have had a few more events than at other recent times.  These include the Transit of Venus in June, and then up here where I live, in Far North Queensland, in Australia, next week we have a total eclipse of the Sun right above us which is extremely exciting as I have written about in the past.

If you are on our Envisioning Consciousness mailing list, when you receive the interview that I did with physicist, Wal Thornhill, about the Electric Universe, he confirms the effects that the heavens can have on us. It is the 13th interview you’ll receive – or did receive.


And so I’m assuming that the massive changes in my life over the past 6 months, and my resulting Internet silence, have been personal events which were due to occur, and which were brought on at this particular time by some of these cosmic events and movements.


End of April/Beginning of May

These changes began at the end of April this year when my computer completely broke down.  Knowing that I would not be able to get the money together to get it fully fixed for about 6 weeks, and that for 6 weeks I wouldn’t be able to write up my magazine, I did as I always do at such times.  I asked, from a metaphysical perspective, “why has this happened?”

The answer came pretty quickly.  I realised that I could no longer work 40 – 50 hours a week, plus expenses, without receiving any form of remuneration.  And that is what I was devoting to our Envisioning Consciousness magazine and associated research – 40 – 50 hours a week.   I must say I absolutely loved doing the Envisioning Consciousness work – but life had become far too hard to spend that time doing it with no returns.  So when I realised that it would take me 6 weeks to get the money together just for computer repairs – the reason for the computer break-down was obvious.

It was during this period of forced “rest”, during May, that I was able to have a special phone session with my dear friend, psychologist, Dr Jim Sneichowski  (see further details at www.Elastic-SidedBoots.com). I wanted to have one last try to work out why I kept ending up in this state of living from hand-to-mouth.

And as you’ll see, at www.Elastic-SidedBoots.com  after years and years of searching, I finally discovered the answer.  This also helped me to decide how I would best create an income producing product – a book that I have wanted to write most of my life but did not have enough information to do so, until now.



Beginning of June through to Now

So with this new enthusiasm, I was all set to get to work on the book when I discovered, at the beginning of June, that I had to move out of my little rented cabin on the farm that I’ve told many people about.  So June was spent in a state of anxiety as I searched for some appropriate accommodation at an appropriate price.

The perfect place came my way at the very end of June and so I spent July packing and moving; and August and September physically and mentally recovering from the move and all that had happened, which was unusual.  I have moved house over 60 times in my life and I have never been so adversely effected – physically and mentally – as I was by this move.  Most of those adverse mental effects were due to the incredible reality taking hold of the insights I gained from my session with Dr Jim.

Then by October I was starting to get my life into some sort of order, which brings us up-to-date.

If you read my Spiritual Journey story in our Magazine – listed under “Pages”, you’d have seen that 2010 was a pretty momentous year for me as far as change and insights go.  But the past 6 months have even exceeded all that happened at that time.

And just like in 2010, the insights and benefits and evolution to higher levels have certainly happened for me this year too.

So no matter how hard, or how exhausting, or seemingly unwanted major changes are in your life, if you are open to search for the diamonds, I can assure you that you will find them.


Current Situation

For me, now, I have never been happier living where I now live.  The weather is beautiful as is the “energy”.  I am still living in the mountains, west of the provincial city of Cairns in Far North Queensland, but I moved to a neighbouring town.  It is a very quaint little village, and unlike the past 15+ years I am now living in town with neighbours on each side of me – and that’s fine.

It did take a while for my dear little Charlie Springer Spaniel to get used to so many visible people and cars all the time.  But it could have been much worse for him – I could have moved to a capital city with all the people and traffic there. Oh what an awlful thought.

In fact, even if I won one of those multi-million dollar lotteries and could live anywhere in the world, I would stay right here in this little town.  The energy is just so beautiful and so are the people here and also the bush walking tracks which Charlie and I love exploring.

So having now settled into this new place after the move, I am now slowly beginning to work on my book – Elastic-Sided Boots  – and hope to have it finished by mid-late 2013.  This book is something that I must write for cathartic reasons before I even consider what’s next financially.  And who knows, it might well become a hit and BE my next financial step.

Also the book is extremely important to me because I know my story will be of great help to so many others, especially those over the age of 55.

And the most important thing of all is that, probably for the first time in my life, I have totally let go of all “musts”, and “have-tos” and “shoulds” and instead just take each day as it comes.  And so at the moment, life is wonderful.

I thought that I let go of most of the “shoulds” etc a couple of years ago – and I did shed many of them at that time – but by about August this year I discovered that there were still many more to go.


Envisioning Consciousness Magazine

This brings us to our magazine.

My last regular article for Envisioning Consciousness was published mid-June after a month of nothing due to computer problems.  The above now explains why nothing else has been done since.

However, I won’t be closing the magazine or neglecting it completely.  But as I said above, I must now focus on potentially money-making activities – the first of which is my book.

Even so, from now on, from time-to-time, I will publish various articles that come my way.  And when I do, you’ll receive a copy of The Story Report, just as you used to, listing any article that has recently been published.



Well that’s about it.  And rember, there are so many more cosmic changes ahead that could affect us all.

As I mentioned, next Wednesday here in Far North Queensland we have a total eclipse occurring.  It will be the very first total eclipse that I’ll have ever experienced and probably my last.

So Charlie Springer Spaniel and I are travelling a few hours north of here so we can be directly under the shadow.


According to our good friend astrologer, Richard Giles,

“As this eclipse takes place at 22 degrees Scorpio and if you have any planets close to that degree in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then you will be directly affected by it.” – See following article

Well my natal Moon is 21 degrees Scorpio, so after the eclipse I should be in for even more changes.


Let us know

Meanwhile,  I would love you to go to the comments section of this article and let us know if you have also been experiencing major life changes at this time.  I’d be very surprised if you haven’t felt something going on.


Bye for now




 open to more

Radiance, Clarity, Love

& Beauty – The Real You

Learn ‘The Form Reality Practice’


with Babula Clement,

Accredited Form Teacher & Astrologer from Brisbane


Workshops:  Cairns: June 24th – July 1st;    Ravenshoe, FN Qld – July 4/5;   Malanda – July 7/8


The Form is an exquisite meditation consisting of a sequence of sacred movements. It is profoundly beautiful, uplifting and deeply healing on all levels.






The Form Reality Practice is an exquisite meditation involving a sequence of sacred movements.  It is a beautiful and powerful vehicle for transformation and awakening in the 21st Century and came through the realised teacher, Bernie Prior. There is a natural flow of energy that moves in everything. As we begin to experience this flow we are drawn into deeper levels of awareness.

Through the sacred flow of The Form, we are learning to move more freely in life as awareness and love and to discover the never-ending mystery of who we really are. As The Form unfolds, we tune in to higher and higher frequencies. Each chakra is initiated, and our deepest unconscious patterning is lifted to the highest possible expression and love. Light is transmitted down to earth to be lived in a very real way.

We become more open, clear, radiant, grounded and embodied and much healing occurs on all levels. The Form is divine. Our true inner nature is Light, Radiance, Clarity and Love and this practice connects us to that Light, inspires a new vision, expands our consciousness and opens the heart. It facilitates our awakening of the individual and evolution of humanity at this critical time on earth, when we are witness to a monumental New Birth.



BabulaClement  is an astrologer, teacher, meditator and Practitioner and Teacher of The Form. She has been dedicated to the spiritual journey for over 30 years and practicing the Form for over 2 years.

“The sheer beauty and cosmic mystery of The Form continues to take my breath away. Through this practice I am more open, grounded and feel so much more alive. I know directly that this body is a living temple and that we are all beings of light. It is a great privilege and honour to teach The Form and share it’s wonder and divine grace with others”

Babula ‘Our path home is in our own hands. You are the artist who is shaping the image of your God, your Beloved, the unspeakable place of which you came out of. In your hands alone is the beautiful creative task to mould this universe into the image of our Beloved.’Bernie Prior, originator of The Form – Reality Practice



Contact Babula: Mob: 0040 286 035

EMAIL:  babulamoon [at] bigpond.com


Video of The Form: www.realitypractice.org


 The Weekly Stars Commencing  Saturday, June 16th, 2012

from Edgar J Winter


Edgar J Winter - Astrologer


 Hello to my Weekly Star Chums,

Well we are now in the middle of the Venus return cycle and we don’t really escape that influence until the end of July. In the meantime we have to see how the legal implications of our rascally politicians, right around the world, turn out and whether any justice can be done.

This Cycle of Venus now going through the sign of Gemini; Mars in its transit through Virgo and Neptune; with Chiron slowly entering its run into Pisces all points to the “Mutable Grand Cross” of these signs.

Mutable means changeable and the universe suggests that to our Planet. However Pluto/Uranus are now in the Cardinal signs of Capricorn and Aries so that points the way to revolution and change in abominable dictators and so we see that experience in quite a few countries… especially one mentioned every day now is Syria.

The midpoint of this Uranus /Pluto conflict of overthrow of existing ‘establishment’ falls in the final decant of Aquarius, around 20-30 degrees, so any readers who has the Sun, Moon or Ascendant at these degrees of the so-called Fixed Signs, Leo/Aquarius and Taurus/Scorpio, will be feeling a real urge to make huge changes in their own lives. Or others may be doing it for you. This aspect can commonly happen around the birth of a child – a joyous occasion no doubt, however the child may be challenging and disruptive, highly creative and extremely bright.

When other Astrologers look at the charts of explorers, freedom fighters, courageous healers like Albert Schweitzer, artists like Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst, politicians such as Barak Obama and the leaders of the UK, the Uranus/Pluto stamp is writ large in their psyches.


Gina Rinehart – Australia’s and the World’s Richest Woman

So now let’s look at one such candidate exemplifying this and a great “Venusian Woman” to boot…Gina Reinhart, Australia’s and  the World’s richest woman due to her mining “exploits” and now taking over media enterprises. Here is an Aquarian woman at 20 degrees of that sign with her Venus at 22 degrees conjunct her Sun. What place is she about to take in world history? Aquarians are most unusual people and will do what seems strange to others but of intelligent purpose to themselves.

She was born 9th February 1954 in Perth. Her number is a ‘3’ in numerology so being in the limelight and involved in publishing is one of her soul duties. In her 16/7 year of her humanitarian world cycle to get into international world-wide publishing. This is a cycle of tearing down the Fairfax Media Empire in Australia to rebuild it anew.

Her soul challenge of her node is awakened now to accept the invitation to be responsible and authoritative but also being a bit shy about the publicity. It’s her turn, says the universe, to be in the driver’s seat. The call now goes out to her Aquarius sign to step away from her own mining pursuits and move into the ‘community’ which will provide her the best venue for her talent.

The recent Venus Occultation/Transit was on her natal Jupiter so her love of the printed news is now in her sights and recently she gained nearly 20% of Fairfax Newspapers. Gina has all the “Fixed Signs” in her chart. And with her Sun sign being opposite Pluto in her chart her focus will not stop till she gains complete control of that publishing ‘Empire’! That will surely be established in 2013 under her mighty Jupiter return in its 12 year cycle.

This is all happening in order that we embrace the values and ideals of the Aquarian Age that we entered recently – these are very much about the New Age of Humankind, of Universalism; rational behavior rather than greed, clannishness and tribalism; and above all, Compassion and Love, rather than war. So, while we may be thinking that life seems to be against us right now, we must remember that the planets are Intelligences such as we cannot begin to imagine, whose thinking is always of the highest. Holding to principles that honor each and every one of us, as reflections of their Divine qualities.


[KASHONIA] However sadly, I would never say that, at this stage, Gina Rinehart embraces any of the ideals of the loving, caring Aquarian Age.




The Weekly Star Patterns. Week 16th to 22nd June 2012.


ARIES [March 21 – 20 April]

This new Moon on Wednesday, is right at the end of the sign of Gemini, before moving into Cancer in the next couple of days. This is a time that could bring you a change of mind that opens the way to good decisions and solid agreements. You improve ties with partners and others.


TAURUS [21 April – 21 May]

Your new Moon this week requires a detailed agenda about money plans so you had better think up more ways to put your talents to good use. Your material world becomes better if you line up your goals and ideas with your physical output in the coming weeks. Think of Budgeting ideas.


GEMINI [22 May – 21 June]

This week’s new Moon in your personal sign stirs up lots of activity for you. Make a note that there will be a lot of concerns regarding your home and family. Hang onto your sense of humour as aggravating arguments are based on gossip rather than facts. Take care of your appearance.


CANCER [June – 22 July]

This week’s new Moon week emphasises contacts with institutions, invalids, and those going into hospital. It’s a time for you to undertake charitable visits. Avoid the spreading of gossip unless you have back up facts. The Sun enters your sign requiring relationship discussions.


LEO [23 July – 22 August]

Friends, groups, and emotional ties may be stressful especially if you can’t manage to put a lid on differences. Worry and despondency can be self-perpetuating and should be curbed by the weekend. There are two sides to every story and the bright side will emerge if you look.


VIRGO [23 August – 22nd September]

This week’s new Moon in Gemini this week inspires an amazing burst of energy for your business plans. Be the first to speak up with new exciting information and take the first practical steps towards your goal. Some frustrating dramas arrive from old friends. Influential people around.


LIBRA [23 September – 22 October]

A new Moon this week in the last degrees of Gemini makes for a fresh perspective in your efforts to further plans for the future. A disagreement may bring the impetus to review your options. However, don’t slip into despair if work prospects look dim or restrictive now.


SCORPIO [23 October – 22 November]

With the energy from this week’s new Moon there is a merry-go-round of family importance in the weeks’ ahead. Shared financial deals take place in your intimate relations, talking things over can be insightful. The weekend is a constructive time for planning events with family/friends.


SAGITTARIUS [23 November – 22 December]

This fire and air combination between you and the new Moon continues the theme of the last few weeks and setting the tone for weeks to come. Get clarity about your long term goals. Don’t get side-tracked by current competitors and conflicts. Focus on finding solutions now.


CAPRICORN [23 December – 19 January].

If you are keen on pets this is a good week to visit the animal pet shelters and chose your favourite companion. Be aware that the one that looks at you with longing eyes is the one that the Universe has chosen for you. So this is a good time of fulfilling your unfilled desires.


AQUARIUS [20 January – 19 February]

This new Moon week in the sign of Gemini makes a lovely aspect to your Aquarian personality and thereby can breathe fresh life into your social meetings. It’s a time for cosy fires, electric blankets and winter fun. Don’t worry about financial considerations if you are warmly invited somewhere.


PISCES [20 February – 20 March]

The new Moon in Gemini sets up a challenge this week to the home scene of stimulating new interest and activities. There is further consideration to a move which may be domestic changes helped immensely by Jupiter’s expansive influence into the sign of Gemini for the next 12 months.



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Just a note to let you know that things might slow down for a while as my main computer stopped working on Sunday and it will be more like weeks rather than days before it is fixed. But there’ll be a positive metaphysical reason in the end.

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The new TV series Touch, blending spirituality, science, and emotion, is a must see show if you are at all interested in our future world. See the trailer here and see why I get so excited everything I watch it.

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Weekly Stars Commencing Tuesday May 1st, 2012

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Very interesting Case Study included in Edgar’s weekly star article. Although the case is of Australian Peter Slipper, it shows the effects different planetary line-ups can have.

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No matter what form of consciousness you want to elevate, there are 4 fundamental pillars that need to be worked on to achieve this end. This paper presents a brief look into those 4 pillars

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Possible Earthquake impact off Oregon Coast – April 24th, 2012

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Dr Buryl Payne, Psychologist, Physicist, Inventor, and Amateur Astrologer, has noticed a planetary line up which could lead to Earthquakes off the NW coast of the USA on April 24th, 2012.

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Video of the most amazing little dog, Pudsey with owner Ashleigh dancing to the Flintstones music. If Pudsey doesn’t bring tears to your eyes he should definitely make you laugh.

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Weekly Stars Commencing April 21st, 2012 from Edgar J Winter

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Interesting stars this week with a repeated message that secrets will be disclosed. And in Australia a really big secret was disclosed Saturday morning about the Speaker of the Parliament, Peter Slipper. Edgar, you’re spot on there.

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Consciousness – why do I need to know what it is?

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This introduction to my latest White Paper, “What is Consciousness?” explains why we need to know what consciousness is and how it works.

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Results of Recent Survey

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The results of our Raising Love Consciousness March/April 2012 magazine survey

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Mass Arrests Drake Freedom Reigns and the link with Ron Paul???

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The Internet is a buzz with Mass Arrests & Drake interviews. Yet all original sources lead back to the fundamentalist Christian group Freedom Reigns. Could this be a campaign to get Ron Paul elected?

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This is a welcome to Envisioning Consciousness article especially to our community members

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Our weekly star patterns and it’s all systems go with Mars turning direct on April 14th Plus some interesting “coincidences” re the planets and a surprise political change in Australia.

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Fascinating numerological connections in the Trayvon Martin case

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This is a REALLY fascinating article as Tania Gabrielle shows the close link between the numbers of the allegedly murdered African American teenager, Trayvon Martin, and his accused killer George Zimmerman,

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Weekly Stars Commencing April 7th, 2012

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Our weekly star patterns and we have the full moon tomorrow, and Mercury went back direct a few days ago and next week so does Mars. So on-ward we go.

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Our Pets’ Gallery has two more members – Lexy and Roxy

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PLANETARY Overview and Movements for April 2012

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The planets are very active during this month of April – Richard gives us an overview. PLUS Mercury is now direct again – YAAA – and Mars will do the same on April 14th. The energies from these planets do have an affect.

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One final call to complete my RLC survey if you haven’t already done so. As Mercury, the planet of communications is now direct again, I expect a large bundle of last minute surveys. Thank You

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Venus Between Us: The June 2012 Transit By Richard Giles           Once in a lifetime comes a very rare astrological and astronomical event. One of great astronomical significance is coming in June 2012 and is billed by astrologers as the event of the year. Approximately every 121 years, the planet Venus […]

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